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Tomato is sour, relishing, an appetizer helps in digestion, and is a blood purifier. It has curative effects in low-appetite, stomachache, controlling excessive fat, and blood impurities. It also cures piles, jaundice, weakness and fever. It prevents constipation. It is small, has lubricity and smoothness and its nature is hot. It develops blood and the humor of the bile in the body. It is very useful for people having excessive humor of wind and Phlegm.

  1. It is normally used in approximately every part of India. It is used with fruits, in making soups and with vegetables.

  2. Sprinkling powdered dry ginger and mineral salt on the pieces of tomato and eating it, increases appetite and indisposition.

  3. After cutting a raw tomato into pieces and then roasting it in a coated vessel for some time. Sprinkling it with powdered black pepper and powdered mineral salt mined with"Eating Soda" in it, cures indigestion and abdominal pain.

  4. Roasting the pieces of raw tomato in a coated vessel, and then sprinkling yellow- orpiment powder on it and taking it (500 mg once in a day cures cough and fever)

  5. Mixing sugar and powdered cloves in tomato juice and drinking it cures "Avarice"

  6. Drinking either tomato juice or tomato soup mixed with sugar cures diseases relating to excessive bileous humor in the body.

  7. Mixing sugar (1/4th of the quantity of tomato juice) in tomato juice and again mixing it with powdered cardamom and powdered black pepper (both small quantities) cures the stomach disease and stops vomiting.

  8. Mixing the bark of Arjun tree (terminalia-alatagbra) and sugar in tomato juice and then having this semi-liquid combination cures heartaches and is very beneficial for heart patients.

  9. Drinking 50 grams juice of ripe tomato thrice daily, cures diseases related to blood impurities and bile within a few days and stops bleeding of the gum.

  10. Drinking juice of ripe tomato twice daily and using minimum salt in the diet cures many diseases related to impurities of blood like reddish spots on the skin, dryness of the skin, irritations, itches, and boils, on the skin and pimples.

  11. Drinking tomato juice daily in the morning and in the evening cures night blindness and improves the vision and power of the eyes.

  12. Having tomato juice or tomato soup daily clears out the dry stools accumulated in the intestines and cures chronic constipation.

Despite of such great curative properties of the tomato, its usage is not favorable for people suffering from stones,swelling, rheumatism, acidity due to wind humor and bill humor. Woman having problem in their uterus too should avoid using tomato.

Arun campanulatum (Sooran)

It is bitter, a destroyer of wind humor an appetizer, helps in digestion, is relishing, is beneficial in many disease like asthma, piles, vomit, stomachache etc. It also destroys worms.

It is used very variedly right from making medicines to its extensive use in our diet as a vegetable or tasty pickles.

  1. If "Sooran" is first dried up in the sunlight and then it is crushed to powder. If 10 gms of this powder is taken daily with water, it cures piles of any kind.

  2. Frying the pieces of Sooran in "ghee" and eating it curs piles too.

  3. Boiling "Sooran" in water and then mashing it and mixing some salt and lemon juice into it. If this mashed sooran is eaten, it prevents constipation and cures piles and spleen disease.

  4. Sooran is beneficial in every way except for such people who suffer from leprosy and plethora.

White gourd or Pumpkin

Pumpkin or white gourd is very good for the heart, destroys the excessive humors of bile and phlegm in the body, very nourishing, semen builder and nourishment to the pregnant woman during their pregnancies and also clears away the constipation during that time.


  1. It is a very common vegetable used very extensively in our diet. It is used as "fruits" during fastings.

  2. Drinking the juice of pumpkin extracted in the night but taken in the morning on empty stomach kills all the worms.

  3. Eating the "kheer" of pumpkin pulp develops the semen, it is also good for a pregnant woman. It makes the heart strong.

  4. Pumpkin prevents constipation and is "cool in nature effect.

  5. Juice extracted from pumpkin and mixed some honey and sugar in it has very cooling medicinal properties and it is beneficial in cooling down the heat of the body, inflammation in the throat, impurities of the blood, boils, plethora, increase in temperature of the blood, blood coming out from the throat etc.

  6. The crushed pulp of pumpkin wrapped in a piece of cloth, if tied on the forehead, brings the temperature normal, increased because of fever.

  7. The juice extracted from the leaves of the pumpkin if applied on the affected part of the piles is beneficial.


Brinjal is sweet, sharp, hot, cures fever excessive humor of phlegm and flatulation. It is an appetizer, increases virility and is light.Brinjals of small size is very delicate and it cures excessive phlegm and bile in the body.


  1. Eating brinjals roasted on fire after putting some salt into it cures excessive phlegm and wind humor of the body.

  2. Soup made up of brinjal and tamato increases the appetite and helps in digestion.

  3. Eating soft brinjal after baking it on fire and with raw sugar on empty stomach in the morning, cures the enlarged spleem due to malaria.

  4. Taking soft and baked brinjal with honey in the evening lerings sound sleep. Using it for some days cures insomnia.

  5. The use of brinjal destroys the stones in its initial stage.

  6. If brinjal is taken in its mashed form or as soup with asafoetida and garlic, it cures flatulation.
Brinjal is not beneficial for person having excessive bile humor and one who has acidity problem. Pregnant woman should avoid its use.

Fennel (Soa)

Fennel is bitter, sharp and increases appetite. It eliminates the excessive humors of wind and phlegm in the body and also inflammation. It is beneficial for people suffering from eye- disease, fever, stomachache, vomit, diarrhea etc. this is supposed to increase virility. According to "charak", it purifies the blood by removing out the bile from it.


  1. If fennel and fenugreek (methi) fried in ghee is given to a person suffering from diarrhea it gives him relief.

  2. If the leaves and roots of fennel after being crushed are applied on the joints the swelling of the joints gets cured.

  3. A bundle of fennel wrapped in a piece of clean cloth is kept in the private part of the woman she gets relief from pain.

  4. If fennel and rock salt crushed in water is applied to that part of the body where honeybees have bitten there is a relief in pain and inflammation.


Onion is "hot", eliminates phlegm, a stimulator, causes the formation of urine, increases appetite and the supreme destroyer of wind humor. It is beneficial in eliminating all the three excessive humors i.e. phlegm, wind and bile. According to "charak" and "sushrut", it is a great giver of strength.


  1. Drinking the mixed juice of onion and memordica charantia (karela) cures severe indigestion.
  2. Eating white onion with raw sugar and some turmeric powder daily in the morning and evening time cures jaundice.
  3. Giving onion with raw sugar to children help them to gain height.
  4. Taking 12 gms of onion juice mixed with the same quantity of honey for 21 days increases virility.
  5. The onion after being crushed and boiled clears phlegm.
  6. Eating onion helps to clear phlegm from the throat and mouth. Teeth becomes white, it sharpens the memory and strengthens the nerves.
  7. One spoonfull of onion juice eliminates the worms in the stomach of children.
  8. Applying onion juice on the hair eliminates lice.


Radish is relishing, an appetizer, eliminates the excessive humor of phlegm, bile and wind in the body, helps in indigestion and refines the voice.The leaves of radish causes urination and eliminates "stones" and plethora. Its flowers eliminates excessive humors of phlegm and bile in the body.


  1. The juice extracted from radish mixed with lemon juice when taken, cures stomachache due to flatulation.
  2. If tender radish is mixed with sugar or the juice of its leaves mixed with sugar cures acidity.
  3. Saltpetre mixed in the juice of radish cures "stones".
  4. 48 gms of radish seeds boiled in 465 gms of water till only half the quantity of water remains, giving the water to the patient also eliminates his stone.
  5. If the powdered seed of radish is applied on the affected part of the back due to wind and humor, pain is cured.
  6. Eating radish and sesame cures swelling.
Eating radish on empty stomach causes inflammation in the chest and it stimulates the bile humor. Use of radish during the winter season too is not beneficial.


Spinach is cool, mild, relishing, causes the formation of urine. It activates the intestine. It is also beneficial in the diseases and eliminates the excessive bile in the body. It also eliminates the excessive formation of bile and phlegm in the body, purifies the blood. It cures stone and strengthens the bone.


  1. Gargling with the juice of spinach cures the inflammation of the throat.
  2. The juice extracted from the leaves of spinach melts the stones formed in the kidney and the fragmented stones come out through urine.
  3. Vegetable prepared from spinach leaves gives strength and keeps away diseases.

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