In the great assembly hall where this dice was being played, all the Kuru elders, Bhishma, teachers like Drona and Kripa and Vidura, all were sitting with out speaking. Duryodhana said that the Pandavas were now slaves. He sent one maid to bring Draupadi in the hall as she was now a slave. The maid went to Draupadi chamber and told her about the Pandavas doings. They were all slaves and so was she. Draupadi was very angry. She sent the maid away saying that Yudhisthira had no right to stake her in gambling. It was not allowed in the dharma. The maid came back to the assembly hall and told Duryodhana about Draupadi’s response. Duryodhana, became very angry and he asked his younger brother Dussashan to fetch Draupadi, by force in the hall. None of the Kuru elders or the teachers or even the blind king Dhritarastra, said anything against this outrage being perpetrated on the daughter-in-law of the Kurus.

Dussashan went to Draupadi’s chamber and catching hold of Draupadi by her hair, dragged her to the assembly hall. Raging with anger, Draupadi appealed the assembly to raise their voice against such gross injustice. No one said a single word. The Pandavas were also sitting dumb, with their heads downcast. Draupadi asked, "What right Yudhisthira had to put her at stake in the gambling?" No one spoke again.

Draupadi Vastraharan

Duryodhana became even more angry at Draupadi. He ordered younger brother to remove the clothes of Draupadi in the assembly, forcibly. Even then no one protested. Draupadi in desperation, appealed to Krishna. Immediately Draupadi sari started increasing in length. Dussashan became tired just pulling at her sari and would not come to the end. At last, completely exhausted he fell down unconscious. Duryodhana also signaled to Draupadi showing this thighs.


Witnessing this extreme insult of his queen Draupadi Bhima’s angered knew no bounds. He took an terrible oath that he would kill Dussashan for his temerity to touch Draupadi garments and would drink the blood of his chest. Then he said that he would also break the thighs of Duryodhana and kill him. Arjuna was also turning with rage. He took the oath that he would kill rest of the Kauravas brothers and would kill everyone present in the assembly hall from Kaurava side. Nakul took oath that he would kill Shakuni. Sahdeva said he would kill Uluka, the son of Shakuni.

After hearing the terrible oaths of the Pandavas and realising the gravity of the situation, Dhristarastra knew that the Pandavas would be good for their words. He tried to pacify them. He told Draupadi, "A terrible injustice has been done to you by my evil minded sons. Kindly forgive them. I shall I grant you any boon you want." Draupadi asked for the release of her husband form the bondage of slavery. Dhritarastra granted that thereafter, the Pandavas came out of the hall with their heads low. No body had the courage to speak to them in the assembly. However, before, departing, Yudhisthira went to Dhritarastra with folded hands. Yudhisthira asked Dhritarasta what did he want them to do. Dhritarastra being pleased with Yudhisthira’s humility said that he was much ashamed of the conduct of his sons. Though their crimes were impardonable yet he requested Yudhisthira to pardon their sinful actions. He also returned everything to Yudhisthira whatever he had lost in the gambling. The Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunti were ready to go to Indraprastha.


Hearing this, Dussashan ran to Duryodhana and told him that Dhritarastra had returned everything that was lost by them in the game, to him. Duryodhana was very upset and he came running to his father, He said, that this is not a fair decision. We won in a fair throw of dice cannot be given back. At least, now one more game of dice should be played. Only the dice will be thrown once. Whoever wins can keep the entire kingdom and the loser to go to forest for twelve years and one year he should live incognito. If discovered during the year, he has to go to forest for twelve more years. Kingdom to be returned after successful completion of the thirteenth year of secret living.

The Pandavas leave for their exile

Blind as he was by his affection for his son, the king once again asked Yudhisthira to play the dice. With the terms set by Duryodhana. Yudhisthira obeying the command of his father’s elder brother sat down once again to play. Result was no different this time. He lost again. Now the Pandavas and Draupadi started for the forest and in view of Kunti advanced age. She was to stay at Vidura’s house.

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