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Ripe jackfruit is considered to be cool, delicious, satisfying, nutritious. It destroys the excessive formation of bile and wind in the body. It develops flesh, phlegm, and strength in the body. It also increases virility. Raw jackfruit causes constipation, causes the formation of wind and inflammation, is bitter. It causes the formation of phlegm.

  1. The juice extracted from the bark of the jackfruit tree and mango tree mixed with lime stone water, if taken cures diarrhea attended with blood and cholera.

  2. If the buds of jackfruit is crushed and the pills thus made is sucked by keeping it in the mouth or if the juice extracted from these buds is taken then it cures throat disease.

  3. The milk giving capacity of a cow or buffaloes increases if the barks of jackfruit tree are given to them.

Jackfruit is harmful for the people suffering from loss of appetite or enlargement of skin. Beetle leaf should not be chewed instantly after eating jackfruit it may turn out to be fatal.


Papaya is an appetizer helps in digestion, eliminates the swelling of the stomach due to wind, and cures the disease connected with spleen and kidney. It is also beneficial to people suffering from stones in the kidney. It stops bleeding phlegm, which comes out while coughing. It is also beneficial in many diseases like high blood pressure, paralysis, rheumatism etc.


  1. If the papaya's milk is applied on the skin affected by skin disease or boils, pimples, it gets cured.

  2. If the dried up roots of papaya tree is crushed to powder and then daily taken (one spoonful of powder) twice it helps to clean out the stones through urine by fragmenting it into small particles.

  3. Eating papaya daily in the morning cures bleeding piles within a month.

  4. Eating 250 gms of papaya after removing its seed and skin cures constipation.

  5. The daily uses of papaya drive away 100 disease and helps to maintain the youth.

  6. Half spoon of papaya juice mixed with sugar cures indigestion.

  7. Giving papaya daily to children help them to increase their height, strength and in sharpening their mind.
Eating papaya by a pregnant woman during summer season might cause abortion.


Orange is sweet and acidic, full of nourishment, gives strength, an appetizer, pacifies inflammation, helps in the digestion of food, destroyers oversion, wind humor, stomach ache and worms in the stomach.


  1. Drinking a glass of orange juice daily before going to sleep and in the morning is very energizing and drives away tiredness.

  2. If orange juice mixed with milk is given to children, it checks their loose motion. It is very good for their growth too.

  3. Juice extracted from the leaves of orange plant brings down the temperature of a person having fever.

  4. Taking one orange before going to bed and one in the morning cures cronic constipation.

  5. The use of orange helps to control the high blood pressure and dizziness.

  6. Drinking the distilled juice extracted from the leaves of orange plant strengthens the nerves and cures hysteria.

  7. Drinking orange juice eliminates the excessive humor of bile in the body and it also drives away acidity in the blood and stomach.


Apple eliminates the excessive formation of wind and bile in the body, is very nourishing, causes the formation of phlegm, is heavy, cool and relishing. It increases virility, appetite and purifies blood. It is beneficial in many disease like diarrhea, piles, constipation, fever due to excessive formation of bile and chronic fever, aversion, indigestion, weakness, headache, uneasiness, heart diseases, stones, blood impurities, dry cough etc. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"


  1. An apple baked in slow flame strengthens the digestive system.

  2. A baked apple after being mashed and wrapped in a piece of cloth is kept on the eyes, it cures the pain of eyes, heaviness in the head and improves the vision.

  3. If an apple is taken daily after dinner, it cures constipation and other diseases of the stomach.

  4. Drinking the mixture made of powdered seeds of cucumber, powder of cumin seeds and sugar in water, cures painful discharge of urine.

  5. If an apple is kept in the open and allowed to form dewdrops on eating this apple improves the health.
Apple has a cool natural property, so excessive use of apple may cause cold, coryza and other related diseases.


Muskmelon is very nourishing and it keeps away constipation. It is sweet, cool and strength giving. It eliminates the excessive formation of bile, cures inflammation and emanation of sperm through urine etc.


  1. After crushing either the pulp of muskmelon or the root of its plant, then mixing it with water and drinking its essence after filtering it, daily in the morning cures stones.

  2. After grinding the seeds of muskmelon into powder in hot water and then drinking after its filteration, cures painful discharge of urine and stones.

  3. After removing the skins of muskmelon and cutting it into small pieces and then mixing some sugar in it for taste and also powdered cardamom, eating of this mixture cures inflammation.

  4. Its use during the summer season is very beneficial.
Muskmelon should not be used by those person who have low appetite and who rae easily affected by cold.


Coconut is cool, hard to digest, purifies the kidney, causes constipation, is nourishing, gives strength, eliminates formation of excessive wind humor and bile humor in the body. It also purifies the blood by removing the blood impurities, cures plethora and inflammation. Coconut water is cool and good for heart, an appetizer, increases virility, eliminates the formation of excessive bile in the body, sweet and kidney purifies.


  1. Taking the burnt skin of the coconut mixed with some honey checks vomit and hiccups.

  2. Mixing 3 gms of "triphala" powder into 84 gms of fresh coconut water and also mixing 3 gms of powdered black pepper in it cures flatualtion, if taken daily in the morning and evening time.

  3. Raw sugar and powdered coriander mixed in fresh coconut water cures painful discharge of urine and inflammation while urinating.

  4. Take 768 gms of finely crushed dry coconut, mix 384 gms of coconut water, 384 gms of ghee, and 786 gms of sugar in it and cook it in slow flame. When this starts to stick at the base of the cooking vessel then mix powder form of cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, nutmeg, mace, black pepper, dry ginger, cumin seeds, vayvidang medicinal herbs and aniseeds (12 gms each).This mixture is very beneficial for the heart, cool and satisfying. It also increases virility and increases the appetite. It also helps in regaining the lost sexual power.


Mango is considered as the king of all fruits. It gives strength, help in the growth of the body, clears constipation, and increase the quantity of urine. It radiates the skin and eliminates flatulation, thirst, inflammation, aversion and the excessive formation of bile in the body. It is like a panacea for person suffering from constipation. The juice of mango cures the sprue, aversion, acidity, swelling of the intestines and the diseases of the intestines.


  1. Mango juice mixed with black berry juice, if taken for a month cures the sugar problem.

  2. A mixture of one cup of mango juice, 1/4th cup of milk, one spoonful of ginger juice and sugar each, if taken daily in the morning strengthens the brain and relieves from chronic headache.

  3. A glass of milk after eating a mango cures constipation and other diseases of the intestine.

  4. A mixture of one spoonful of mango juice, 1/2 spoonful of curd, 1/2 spoonful of ginger juice, if taken daily in the morning and evening time, cures piles and dysentery.

  5. 25-30 grams of powdered mango leaves boiled in a glass of water till only half the glass of water remains, if given to a patient suffering from cholera after filtering it and when it is still warm, cures him.

  6. If a toothpowder made from the powder of the stone of dry mango fruit and its seed has been removed , is used it cures piarrhoea.

  7. Mango juice mixed with honey, if taken, checks the growth of liver and spleen.

  8. The powder made of the stone of mango if eaten cures diarrhea.

  9. If the juice of a roasted mango (raw), with the pulp is taken after mixing some "thar salt" in it during summer season, it prevents and eliminates the effect of sunstroke.

  10. The daily use of mango cures skin diseases and other diseases due to worms.


Pomegranate eliminates all the three excessive humors in the body and is beneficial in inflammation and fever. Sour pomegranate increases the appetite. Sweet pomegranate increases strength and intelligence.

Uses During summer season a glass of pomegranate juice is very beneficial in neutralizing the effect of sunstroke, or if the eyes have reddened due to heat. It also checks the bleeding of gum and cures indigestion.

  1. Juice of pomegranate mixed with blocks of sugar candies in it cures all the problems due to excessive bile.

  2. Rock salt, honey mixed in pomegranate juice cures aversion and improves the appetite.

  3. If a ripe pomegranate is eaten it makes the voice clear.

  4. A piece of pomegranate's skin if sucked by keeping it in the mouth, cures cough.

  5. Powdered skins of pomegranate mixed in rice water, if taken cures the emanation of semen through urine.

  6. Wet balls made of fresh pomegranate grains mixed with 250 gms of mustard oil in it, if is heated for some time and then used as massage oil, it develops the breasts and it gains firmness.

  7. If pomegranate juice is applied in the eyes, it gives a cooling effect.

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